We bought a piano as an early Christmas present! It got delivered a few days ago and I'm loving how it looks in our music room (which is still not painted - I need like a week of nothing to do but house projects).

 photo DSC_1019.jpg

I wanted something small since we have other big pieces of furniture going in there (the chesterfield and probably the tiger chest?), but I didn't want the smallest spinet size piano either.

 photo IMG_0101.jpg

This one is just a hair bigger than a spinet - it's like a small console piano. The back top opens up so the sound can be louder if you want it to be (the kids will not be taught that little trick though).

 photo vDSC_1048.jpg

 photo DSC_1056.jpg

It's a touch more feminine than I had in mind originally, but I like that it's still very simple. And I really love the bow-like music stand.

 photo vDSC_1015.jpg

The finish is a little roughed up, but it's not horrible in person. I think it will be easy to touch it up with one of those furniture markers and maybe some ebony Restor-a-finish.

 photo DSC_1003_2.jpg

The brass casters could use a good cleaning and some Brasso.

 photo DSC_1014.jpg

When we first saw the piano, the bench wasn't upholstered and when we came back into the piano shop to buy it they had sent out the bench. :/ 

 photo IMG_9827.jpg

The checkered chenille is not my favorite but I haven't had a minute to pull off the fabric. I hope the top of the bench wasn't too damaged. I can always cover it back up with a new fabric if it is though.

 photo vDSC_0986_2.jpg

It was a really great price since technically it's a starter piano (we only paid a couple hundred dollars and they delivered it, which was huge for me!). It has a really beautiful sound though - not at all tinny like some smaller pianos can sound. It's been so fun to sit down a play and to help the girls with their practicing. Lessons start for them after the holidays!

 photo xDSC_1035.jpg

Oh! Also, did you see my new rug? 

 photo DSC_0999.jpg

 photo IMG_0011.jpg

It's a silky Ralph Lauren beauty I scored on clearance at Homegoods! I love the way the light hits it and it is seriously so soft! Linus practically lives on it - I think he likes it more than his dog bed. (such a snobby poodle.)

 photo IMG_0104.jpg