Christmas snuck up on me in the most major way. Do you feel the same? The girls took on most of the holiday decorating themselves this year (hence the sparse tree with the crooked star), but looking around, I love it all more than anything I could have done if I had had the time. These kids are so, so excited for Evie's birthday tomorrow and then of course for Christmas. It's seriously just magical to watch them scurry around the house making preparations. :)

We are doing some last minute shopping this afternoon (wish me luck), a little service project this evening and then tonight I have a whole lot of gingerbread house pieces to make for a little family party we're having over here tomorrow for Evelyn. We've been hosting a lot of visitors the past couple days and truly, there's nothing like house guests to push me to get projects done. Am I right? I started hanging art in our house this week (some of these are thrift store pieces I just bought for the frame!) and while there's still a long way to go with decorating projects, suddenly it feels like our house. Perfect timing!

I hope you and yours have a really lovely week. See you in a few days. Merry Christmas!!

 photo Christmas2013.jpg