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Remember that fab Samsung refrigerator we talked about here? The one that has a sparkling water dispenser built in? Well, Samsung is hosting an Instagram sweepstakes and the prize is one of these refrigerators! They asked me to participate by sharing a space styled in my home two ways: still and sparkling. I had a great time putting this together!

 photo StillvSparkling.jpg

Since we didn't have any of our furniture yet when I took these photos, I decided to use my little desk area in our kitchen. Here's the kitchen tour if you need a refresher.

 photo DSC_0576.jpg

Before I started collecting accessories and lamps for styling, everything in here got a fresh coat of paint, including the walls, cabinets and floors. I found two chairs at Goodwill as a starting point and then we were off!

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 photo fDSC_0426.jpg

 photo fDSC_0433copy.jpg

I decided for the 'still' space I would go for a sort of West Elm look - a little more modern and a little organic. Still colorful, but plenty of neutrals thrown in for good measure.

 photo sDSC_0498.jpg

Lots of wood, natural fibers and matte textures.

 photo dDSC_0452.jpg

 photo sDSC_0487.jpg

This vintage lucite chair was only $7 at Goodwill. I threw a small flokati on top to make it extra comfy. (you probably remember it from last week's posts on the mudroom)

 photo DSC_0466.jpg

 photo sDSC_0519.jpg

 photo DSC_0435.jpg

I lined the drawers of my desk with woven place mats from IKEA (which randomly fit perfectly in my drawers!) so that my little bowls of office supplies wouldn't slide around.

 photo ffDSC_0440.jpg

That cork board was a lucky find. It was just the right size to cover up one of the two (?) electrical outlets and a junction box, but not so tall that it covered up the thermostat all the way. I painted it white so it would blend in with the walls.

 photo sDSC_0459.jpg

 photo sDSC_0478.jpg

I bought some new hardware from Lowes and spray painted it oil-rubbed bronze, which I like against white painted cabinets and doors. I think the contrast is so pretty.

 photo sDSC_0531.jpg

The red powder coated wall sconce is also from IKEA. The wooden frames were thrifted. I love the rounded corners!

 photo DSC_0505.jpg

 photo sDSC_0508.jpg

For the 'sparkling' version of the desk space I went a little more preppy - sort of a Kate Spade look.

 photo DSC_0602copy.jpg

Lots of metallics everywhere. Glossy sheens. Less grays and more black and white - including this crazy chair! I sort of love how over the top it is! :)

 photo sDSC_0648.jpg

I was going to spray the hardware again but brass this time, but I decided I liked the oil-rubbed bronze and opted to keep it for now.

 photo DSC_0639.jpg

Other things I did include adding antiqued mirror to the cabinet doors and changing the drawer liner to a black and white striped plastic place mat that I cut to size:

 photo sDSC_0616.jpg

 photo sDSC_0570.jpg

 photo sDSC_0574.jpg

 photo DSC_0646.jpg

I love all the shiny surfaces in the sparkle version! This little nook seriously packs a big punch!

 photo sDSC_0598copy.jpg

 photo sDSC_0661.jpg

 photo DSC_0623.jpg

 photo sDSC_0614copy.jpg

So, friends, which version of my kitchen desk is your favorite? Are you on team #samsungstill or #samsungsparkling?

To enter the give away for the Samsung sparkling water dispenser refrigerator, post an image on instagram that shares your best case for being on team sparkling or team still. Here are the details on the contest. Best of luck!

This post was brought to you by Samsung. Click here to learn more about the Samsung 4-Door Sparkling Water Refrigerator. Thanks for supporting LGN sponsors!