It's the weekend! I really love short weeks like this one. I feel like I still have some energy left to actually do something productive over the weekend.

We never quite conquered spring cleaning earlier this year, so I'm going to attempt to do a little (or a lot of) organizing and cleaning the next couple of days. I just got a bunch of new desk accessories from Poppin, so I decided to kick things off in my office. New things always get me excited to clean up! :)  

 photo pDSC_0441.jpg

I first heard about Poppin from Joanna, who gifted me a set of red pens. Let me tell you, I LOVE these pens. They are modern and gorgeous (so eye catching - people always ask me about the pens when I whip one out of my bag) and, most importantly, they write beautifully!

 photo pDSC_0410.jpg

I took a peek at Poppin's mission statement, because their products are so well designed I just knew that they would have something interesting to say. Their goal is to help people surround themselves with beauty everywhere they go and in everything they do. I dig.

 photo pDSC_0436.jpg

Poppin sells about anything your little heart could ever desire in the "office accessory" category. Desk sets, pens, pencils, notebooks, file cabinets, desk chairs, etc, etc, etc. All colorful and sleek. You can mix and match of course, but I think it's fun to have a color collection. I chose a deep red-orange color that feels very Hermes-y to me. I love the way it works with the malachite green color of my desk

 photo pDSC_0406.jpg

 photo pDSC_0381.jpg

That tape dispenser slays me! Could not love it more.

 photo pDSC_0398.jpg

 photo pDSC_0371.jpg

Now for the important stuff: Poppin is kindly offering up FIVE $50 gift certificates to LGN readers! To enter, simply hop over to the Poppin site, chose your favorite office accessories and leave a comment here with a link to your choice(s). Contest ends next Friday, June 7 at midnight.

Right now I'm giving this chartreuse set the up-down. I really could use a new pair of scissors... :)

 photo POPPINGGA2.jpg
Orange sticky notes  //  Yellow filing cabinet  //  Yellow pens  //  Blue highlighters  //  Security envelopes  //  Things To Do pads  //  Monogrammed Notebook  //  Lime green notebook

PS Poppin is also offering $10 off on every order over $40 from now through June 5 with the code "LITTLEGREEN".  Happy shopping!