One of my friends recently bought a large home and she's taking an interesting approach to decorating the spaces. My friend has great taste and knows what she likes, but she is not a fan of the creative process (and she'll be the first to tell you that). Since she has so many spaces to furnish and since she's basically starting from scratch, she's picked rooms from her favorite magazines and blogs to basically copy in style. I made fun of her at first ("...uh, what? you have a giant house, a healthy budget and you don't feel like making decorating decisions!? come again?") But now I think it is sort of a clever approach that really works for her. You know, why not? Especially if the creative aspects aren't fun for her, and she wants full control over the situation. If my plate wasn't so full right now, I'd be flying out there to help in a heartbeat, but so far her approach is working and things are getting done.

Anyway, in one of her bathrooms she is attempting to channel Rita Konig circa Domino years. The bathroom already had a vintage pedestal sink, so we worked together to find this wallpaper and a pair of brass sconces, but she got stuck on the mirror sourcing. She asked if I'd seen any great big round mirrors lately that didn't cost more than $500 (since she splurged a bit on the sconces) :)

 photo rita-konig-bathroom-from-domino1.jpg

Big round mirrors are tricky to find, but as luck would have it, earlier that same exact day I stumbled across a small treasure trove of relatively inexpensive mirrors on the Wisteria site. This huge 38" wide mirror would look lovely in her bathroom (or how about in a pair for a large bathroom with double sinks?). I'm really loving the simple gilded frame. It's perfect for layering on a busy papered or tiled wall.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-11at101629PM.png

Here are a few others of the many that caught my eye on the site, including a version of the honeycomb/peacock mirror we have all loved for ages. I know a lot of you were sad when Pier1 stopped making their affordable version - well here's your chance to snag an even more affordable one!

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-11at101702PM.png

Also, Venetian style mirrors are always super pricey. This one is a steal. I am really tempted to buy two for my girls' bathroom. Farrow and Ball Pink Ground walls and these? Too perfect.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-11at101848PM.png

 photo gasl06_soothingbath-724740.jpg

 photo HousetoHomeUK7Bathroom.jpg
House and Home UK

The dimensions of this scalloped mirror are spot-on for what I need in our master bath. I was moving forward with another plan already though, so I can't decide if I should derail Plan A for this new Plan B. I really like that this mirror could go with us to our next house though...

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-11at101753PM.png
 photo DSC_0320-1.jpg

Here's another pretty one that would look gorgeous layered on sheet mirror, like we did for my parent's master bedroom suite budget redo ages ago.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-11at101817PM.png

 photo mirror3.jpg

 photo 6a0120a5963ce8970c0128755f530e970c-500wi.jpg
 photo 25-venetian-style-mirror-in-bathroom-light-above-it-web.jpg

Speaking of mirrors - I finally hung the giant mirror on the bookshelf wall this week. I'll try to snap some photos today or tomorrow to share. I love how a unique mirror can completely change a room!