I hung the bigger mirror! What do you think? I'm loving how it fills the wall space so much better than the scrolly mirror. I think the proportions are just right. And the scrolly mirror is happily living in the office now, so don't feel too bad for it.

 photo 2DSC_0238.jpg

It took some work to get this beast of a mirror hangable. (PS I wasn't sure if this mirror was really "vintage" like the listing stated, but that tape on the back was definitely decades old. Nasty stuff.)

 photo 3DSC_0207-1.jpg

I ended up reusing the hardware that was already installed on the mirror. It was installed for the mirror to hang horizontally, so I unscrewed and moved the D-rings so the wire could run the opposite way.

 photo DSC_0212.jpg

I wanted to hang the new mirror on the screws that were already in our wall for the scrolly mirror (in the studs from when we filled in the giant H wall above the fireplace), so I installed the D-rings and strung the wire so the mirror would hang right where I wanted it on the wall.

 photo DSC_0220.jpg

When you're stringing the wire for a large mirror or piece of art, make sure your wire is a heavy enough gauge to support the weight (it will tell you on the package), and also that the wire is long enough to tightly thread through the D-rings at least three times. You want the weight of the mirror to be supported at the rings and not dependent on your wire-twisting capabilities (which are not that great in my case).

 photo DSC_0235.jpg

We needed three adults to hang the mirror and we were all a little wiped out by the whole undertaking. It was intense! But I was so happy with how the mirror looks on that wall. It's one of my favorite things to hang something up, walk away a few steps and then turn around and, Ta-dah! The big reveal in the context of the space! (come on, tell me you know what I mean here) This was a fun one to turn around to. :)

 photo DSC_0263.jpg

I am on the fence about changing the finish of the frame though. Part of me likes it as is, but I sort of also feel like it's too heavy and dark.

 photo DSC_0287.jpg

If I do change it, I'm thinking I would lime or whitewash the carved part and then gold leaf the very inside lip.

 photo DSC_0294.jpg

What do you think? That could be good, right?

 photo DSC_0257.jpg

(Man, I need to finish that skirted sofa table so I can hide that little sliver of fireplace that peeks out from behind the sofa!)

 photo DSC_0252.jpg