I had little stroke of good luck yesterday afternoon. I was walking home from a meeting with a favorite client at Oly Studio, where we were both admiring these amazing doors.

Note to future self: you want doors like these! So cool.

Anyway, on the way home I popped into Housing Works thrift and saw a BRAND NEW (still on the leg stabilizers!) Bungalow 5 Harlow coffee table in all it's lacquered charcoal gray glory. Price tag? $50.

I bought the table as fast as possible (don't you do that at thrift stores when you find something good? also I practically threw my body across the table when I caught someone else giving it a side glance :)

There is a little knick on the edge of one side, but I think I can patch it without a problem. You know what was a HUGE problem though? I paid for the thing and as I was walking it out the door I realized
A) No wonder this coffee table retails for about $1k, it is really well built and it weighs a LOT more than you'd think, and
B) It was 4:30 pm, aka the witching hour when all the city is cabless while the taxi drivers switch shifts. NOOooooooooo.

So lucky me got to awkwardly waddle all the way home with a deceivingly heavy, but oh so pretty coffee table, soon to be united this summer with the stripey settee in my new big office. I decided I could skip the gym last night since my feet and arms were tingly/shaky for hours after the fact! So worth it.