Marlien Rentmeester is the west coast editor of Lucky Magazine. She also writes one of my favorite blogs, Le Catch, an amazing fashion site that shares how to mix high and low pieces. I especially love that she shares several times a week an 'it' item - a cheap and chic piece in the online shopping carts of all the fashionistas Marlien works with.

One tip from Le Catch - if you're having a hard time choosing an outfit, start with an accessory (like a necklace or a pair of heels) you feel like wearing and then work backwards to build your outfit. So clever!

It probably seems intuitive that Marlien's home is beyond gorgeous. She worked closely with her friend, designer Hillary Thomas, to decorate her home which has been shot for many publications (including Lonny here). These are a few of my favorite images of her spaces.

The majority of her furniture and accessories were purchased in a whirlwind shopping spree with Hillary to the Dixie Highway in Florida. I am DYING to go myself this summer!