If you're looking at this post, then that most likely means you have made the switch to cyber school. So what's next?

Well, you don't need much for cyber school compared to public school. You don't have to get a brand new binder, backpack, new clothes or tons of folders. With that said, if you want to get those things be my guest!

Here is a list of things I find important to have in cyber school:

1. Computer

2. Scanner

3. Printer

4. Notebook

5. Graph Paper

6. Calculator

7. Pencil

8. Flash drive

Let's start out with number one. It's kind of a no brainier really, but it's important to get the right type of computer. Make sure you have one that isn't very slow so you can get your work done on time. Also make sure you know how to use the features on it like Microsoft word or other programs that will be used often during the year. For example if you are used to using PC computer and then you switch to a Mac you'll be very lost if you don't take some time to sit down, and figure out the differences.

Many schools will give the students a computer to use for schoolwork for free. That is what I did. The computer also came with a scanner/printer, and other accessories like a mouse.

I don't always print things unless I need to study something offline or fill out a worksheet, and I can't figure out how to do that on the computer. I do however use the scanner all of the time! I mainly scan things for Math class because about every five lessons there are open-ended questions where you have to show your work. A scanner comes in handy because if you tried to write out your work on the computer it will take about ten times longer than just doing the problem, and scanning it on.

The fourth thing you will probably need is a notebook. I personally find it helpful to write down things, and sort out my thoughts, and it's helpful to have all of your problems and questions in one central location.

Next is graphing paper which I only use for Math class when there are graphing problems. Mostly I do this because it makes my work neater for the teacher and me to try to read.

The calculator is another optional one. I have a nice scientific calculator that I like to use, but you can easily find one of Google that does all of the same things. I just think it's nice to not have too many things up on your screen at once. Less clutter= less stress.

Then there is a pencil/pen. Basically what are you going to write with on your graphing and notebook paper?

Finally is a flash drive. It's pretty risky to always trust a computer to not break down or somehow lose that report you've been working on for the past three days. Also they are great if you want to work on another computer, and need to take a long some files.

There are many pros and cons to cyber school, and you have many questions. Can you play sports in cyber school? How do colleges look at cyber school? Is cyber school right for me? Get answers to all of your questions and more at Cyber-School.org