It's Friday! My lovely assistant Colleen from There Comes A Yes is joining us for another round of Copy Cat Design. Lilly Bunn Weekes is an amazing NYC designer and just an all-round lovely person! She blogs at Lilly's Notebook. Here's Colleen's twist on her gorgeous work:

I adore Lilly Bunn Weekes' full-on commitment to color. She doesn't mess around. Color on the walls, color on the furniture--this is not wimpy stuff!

If you're feeling some trepidation over color or pattern, start with the baby step: a throw pillow. Pillows are gateway decor.

Grasscloth is a genius wallcovering. It works wonders for rooms without much architecture, but there's no pattern to potentially get sick of. Perfect!

A nice, simple brass lamp.

Another lamp option: get some crystal clusters, a lamp kit, and drill a hole through the clusters to fit a lamp pipe. DIY instructions here.

Ikea to the rescue for this sofa. Bemz has a range of slipcovers for this style, including an orange cotton.

Or have the couch upholstered in this lush orange velvet!

More purple ikat!

A bergere ready to be upholstered.

Lilly's chairs (and pillows) are done in Madeline Weinrib fabrics, which are spendy. This fabric is a brilliant alternative.

I like that the coffee table is architectural and not overly pretty--a counterpoint to all of the feminine elements.

With a coat of brown-black paint, this mirror is a dead ringer for the inspiration one!

Simple wood end tables, another smart juxtaposition.

A black and white rug for that punch of graphic pattern.

Thanks so much, Colleen! Feel free to email us if you have an inspiration room you'd like to see interpreted.